Build a Seamless

Digital Experience

Consolidate customer products into one connected experience on our Digital Experience Platform, delivering a seamless experience where end-users can manage and access everything in one place.

Modern Enterprise Architecture

Your DXP instance evolves with the platform, is infinitely scalable and solves the pain of managing operations, patching and antivirus.

100% Serverless (Web, Services, APIs, Data)
100% Automated CI/CD Pipeline
100% Highly Available & Cloud-Based
100% Uptime on ALL Core Platform Services
0 Limit on Real-time Scalability

Single Sign-On + Identity Management

Simplify user access and enhance security with our comprehensive Single Sign-On and Identity Management solution, streamlining authentication processes across your digital landscape.

  • Supports industry standards protocols: OpenId Connect, SbAML2, LDAP
  • Supports bi-directional SSO, Playing both
    Identity Provider and Service Provider Roles
  • Supports bulk enrollments via our Admin APIs

Intelligent Business Knowledge Graph & Machine Learning

Leverage 1000’s of disparate rich data points, from user telemetry, product data and our business graph to not only react to behavior but model, predict and prescribe platform configurations and interactions that achieve optimal outcomes.

Themable Live Tiles

Tiles are dynamic, data-driven and are built using themable platform components.

They can subscribe and react to states, actions and events in realtime that are triggered by the platform, vendor or partner APIs. Tiles leverage a common API to allow complex vendor capability to be mapped to a simple tile interface that supports unlimited fetch and transition events.

Conversational AI

With an ever-expanding product set, driving end users to the right solutions to solve their specific problems is critical.

Conversational UI, powered by our business knowledge graph targets the best solutions that provide the most immediate value for each individual platform user.

Integrate with Anything

Seamlessly connect and enhance your ecosystem with our versatile integration capabilities. Whether it's legacy systems, third-party applications, or cutting-edge technologies, our platform empowers you to effortlessly integrate with anything, ensuring a cohesive and future-ready digital landscape.

  • Bring your own products – even ones that do not integrate well with others.
  • Bridges legacy endpoints and protocols with modern, industry standard GraphQL and REST based APIs.
  • Subscribe to both AWS SNS or standard GraphQL-based platform events.
  • Publish real-time events via platform hook APIs.

Serverless Micro-Application Framework

1000’s of Microservices deliver integration functionality on the Platform.  We’ve standardized these to enable repeatable, low-code development with little to no knowledge of the broader platform required.

  • Simple hooks for external partner integrations
  • Automatic Publish and Subscription to the Platform Event System
  • Exposure via public package managers

Public Code Generator & Starter

Created to enable our product team to rapidly integrate our public code generator and NPM repositories and allow anyone to build integrations on our platform.

  • Simple CLI commands
  • Generates 1000’s lines of platform code
  • Well defined, programmatic interfaces
  • Enables simple integration
  • Shared core libraries and dependency management
  • Generate serverless product microservices and tile configurations

Rich Developer Tools,Open APIs & Generators

We’ve developed an open ecosystem and a suite of tools to enable partners and vendors to integrate their own products.

  • Build and Deploy your own Integration
  • Create your own Live Tiles
  • Leverage Company UI Components
  • Leverage CLI and Code Generator

Design System & Component Library

DXP utilizes a themable design system and atomic design principles to make designing unique experiences 100% dynamic and data driven.

  • Themable design system
  • Atomic design principles
  • Storybook first development
  • Mockable & testable UI
  • Leverage the 100s of pre-built components
  • Create your own data-driven components

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