Seamless Application & Tech Modernization

Transform existing legacy software applications and systems to align with current technology standards and business needs, without disrupting the customer or user experience or embarking on an all-or-nothing multi-million dollar transformation.

    Technology Modernization Today


    Midsized and high-tech organizations will increase their spending on tech modernization by over 40%.



    By 2025, 70% of applications will be designed through low-code or no-code development.



    Around 3 in 4 companies have already started their digital transformation journey

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    The risks of outdated software.

    ❌ Technical Debt
    Accumulated technical debt can hinder agility and innovation, leading to longer development cycles and higher risk of system failures.

    ❌ Security Vulnerabilities
    Neglecting application and technology modernization can expose your systems to security vulnerabilities, potentially leading to data breaches and compromised user privacy.

    ❌ Increased Maintenance Costs
    Failure to update applications and technology can result in rising maintenance costs due to outdated infrastructure, inefficient processes, and the need for frequent patches and fixes.

    ❌ Limited Scalability
    Outdated systems may lack the scalability needed to accommodate growing user demands, hindering business expansion and agility in responding to market changes.

    Build a digital core that fuels continuous optimization and fosters breakthrough innovation

    Legacy System Modernization

    Transform outdated systems to enhance performance, reduce maintenance costs, and align with current business needs, fostering agility and innovation.

    Infrastructure & Cloud

    Leverage scalable cloud infrastructure to optimize resource allocation, enhance flexibility, and enable rapid deployment of applications, driving operational efficiency and cost savings.

    Enterprise Architecture

    Develop a cohesive and adaptable architecture framework to align business goals with technology initiatives, facilitating interoperability, scalability, and future growth.

    Cybersecurity Enhancement

    Implement robust security measures to safeguard data, applications, and infrastructure against evolving cyber threats, ensuring compliance and fostering trust with stakeholders.

    Data Modernization and Analytics

    Modernize data management practices and implement advanced analytics to unlock valuable insights, drive informed decision-making, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

    AI Integration

    Integrate artificial intelligence technologies to automate processes, personalize experiences, and uncover new opportunities for innovation and efficiency across the organization.

    Leverage the power of AI & Machine Learning

    AI and machine learning drive modernization by automating code refactoring, data migration, maintenance prediction, insight extraction, and testing. These technologies streamline efforts, ensure data integrity, manage system health, and deliver high-quality software.

    Unlock your modernization journey's potential for sustainable growth with tailored AI and machine learning solutions.

    At Vastly, it's never just about tech

    Technology Innovation Strategists

    Our Global team of tech strategists, industry experts and thought leaders partner with our clients to architect the right strategy that will accelerate growth & ensure competitive advantage.

    DevOps & Engineering Teams

    From Product Management & UX Strategists to Visual Designers and Full-Stack Engineers, our plug-and-play specialized teams enable our customers to leverage the full force of design and engineering teams without incurring the cost of building out their own teams.

    Cutting-edge Development Methodologies

    We help our clients adopt and apply the right processes and methodologies and infuse those into the organization’s DNA to fundamentally change how it operates, executes and delivers value to customers.

    Reinvent your digital core.

    Begin your journey towards enhanced efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness with our expert-led Application & Technology Modernization solutions.