Leverage the power of Wave

to digitally transform your enterprise.

Wave is a low-code application platform that empowers engineers to build better digital products, applications, and experiences without the time, cost, and risk associated with large-scale digital transformation. When coupled with Vastly's specialized teams, Wave delivers an unparalleled full-service enterprise product development solution.

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Scale with confidence.

Reduce Development Costs

Increase developer productivity, decrease personnel costs, and reduce operational costs.

Get to market faster

Reusable components, pre-integrated frameworks, AI powered deployment, and beyond — low-code accelerates all aspects of digital transformation.

Reduce Risk

From automated testing and standardized compliance to cross-functional collaboration, empower your projects with enhanced reliability throughout the development lifecycle.


By 2025, 70% of apps will be built using no-code/low-code technology (Gartner)


Low-code platforms can reduce development time by 50% to 90% (451 Research)


of organizations plan to use no-code/low-code to build better digital customer experiences (Gartner)

Onboarding & Setup

Wave teams skip days of boilerplate setup and generate everything they need to be instantly productive. Take the guesswork out of staying up to speed with cutting-edge, industry leading frameworks and tools.

  • Password less Login for Creators
  • Role-Based Authentication
  • Full Tenant Isolation & Region Preferences
  • AI Generated Documentation
  • Monorepo Architecture
  • Monorepo Tooling (Build and Package Management)
  • Vastly CLI - Code Generators
  • Vastly CLI - Managed Secrets, Endpoints & Certificates

Build & Publish

Wave's frameworks, patterns, generators and design system make creators unstoppable and instantly productive. Creators build beautiful user experiences and generate database schema, strong types, graphql schema and event-driven microservices.

  • Generators (Apps, Components)
  • NextJS, TypeScript
  • Design System & Component, Component Testing
  • Generators (GraphQL, Microservices, Types, Database Schema)
  • Event-Driven Architecture & Middleware Framework
  • Strong Types, ORM, Model-First Schema (Prisma)
  • Generators (GraphQL, Microservices, Types, Database Schema)
  • Microservices - Serverless, Model-First
  • Event-Driven Architecture & Middleware Framework
  • Strong Types, ORM, Model-First Schema (Prisma)
Local Environment Setup
Create Service
Create Wave App

Deploy & Monitor

Wave's intelligent development pipeline abstracts the complexity of typical DevSecOps, ensuring a seamless and secure experience from development through production.

  • Deploy from Vastly CLI
  • Husky Pre-Commit Hooks
  • Release/Approval Process
  • AI-Generated Code Reviews & Pull Requests
  • Tail logs from Vastly CLI
  • Sentry.IO Integration

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